10Bet Review

10Bet have now been about since 2003, so they are by no means one of the new kids on the block anymore. They have been able to adapt to the world of online betting really well and with has seen a large influx of players both from the UK where they are based and across Europe.

What has been good to see from 10Bet has been their willingness to improve. We think it’s fair to state that it’s taken them a while to gain traction within this highly competitive marketplace, but now are able to function as one of the cornerstones of the online betting industry.

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10Bet Football Screenshot

Like so many of these Euro-facing bookmaker, football plays a huge role in the makeup of 10Bet’s sports betting section. It’s clear that this is where the majority of tehri target market and in turn, it’s here where they have spent the most time and resources within their development. It’s an easy section to expand to be honest, as it’s an area now that is massive compared to when they first started, but still, it’s all welcomed additions.

10Bet's Football Pricing

The first place that we wanted to set out in our review of 10Bet is probably the most important, which is pricing. Whilst a bookmaker can have all the bells an whistles it wants, if the odds are terrible, then there is no lure for the punter as, at the end of the day, it’s here where people are going to make money.

We’ve actually done several reviews of 10Bet before, as we revisit all bookmakers and it was pricing that we highlighted as an area that needed attention. They are so much more consistent than they used to be, which is a massive positive. Whilst “consistent” may not be the most thrilling buzz word for pricing, it’s actually about as strong a compliment as we can pay.

Champions League: Example

You see, what often sets the best apart from the rest is that they cover all bases really well. They might excel in a few areas, but they are very rarely weak, and we found this to be true from 10Bet. One of the markets that we tested was from the upcoming Champions League final between that Liverpool and Real Madrid. 10Bet were actually best priced for a Real Madrid win and not too far off the money for either the draw or a Liverpool victory.

 10bet OddsAverage Odds
Real Madrid 2.25 2.2
Liverpool 3.15 3.08
Draw 3.75 3.7

Away from pricing, we just quickly wanted to touch on their “Quick Links” feature that allows you to jump to popular markets. This is attached to all pages on the bookmaker, which is great and whilst they aren’t all football related markets, the majority are and this again highlights just how important the sport is to the bookmaker in terms of coverage.

Match Betting

As we moved away from pricing and basic features, our attention then turned how it performs when you start to really pick away at the surface. We spoke briefly earlier about how pricing is the number 1 attribute for sports betting, but the depth of bookies these days means that they still need to have plenty of features and betting markets to accompany that as well.

The European leagues dominate the site and with it, domestic leagues from England, Spain, Italy and Germany are widely available. The match coverage in England is slightly stronger than that of the previously mentioned countries and they work right down into the lower league games and even some non-league fixtures, although you will see market coverage drop away the more you move down.

Coverage outside of the main leagues and countries is again, pretty strong. There is really very little to complain about and games are covered from all over the world, including the likes of Belarus, Estonia, Romania, Singapore and South Africa - just to give you an idea of how far and wide the sport is covered on site.

Market coverage is about the mid-range that you’re going to see in the industry. For example, that same Champions League final match that we mentioned above has 124 markets just a few days prior to kick off. For 90% of punters, we would suggest that this is more than they will ever need, but it does lack compared to some bookies, that are offering over 200 on the same game. Whether you would actually use those added markets is another question altogether.

Once we started to pick away at the markets to see what was on offer, we all concluded that the range is really good. All the usual suspects are on offer such as goals, bookings, corners, handicap bets, halves, period and player markets. The “Specials” was one that was an interesting read. It included a few obscure markets, such as the team to take the last goal kick, last free kick, 1st offside, 1st thrown, kick off and even some Asian Handicap markets for the number of shots on target. All in all, a really good mix here!

Stats Section & Design

The stats section has been an inclusion that needed to happen as we remember early reviews with this missing. They have actually teamed up with a company called Sports Radar, who admittedly were new to use with not many bookies utilising them for their stats section. Just so you know, pretty much all bookies outsource their stats section and use third party companies, such as Sports Radar, to power this section.

The design of this section is quite stunning, and the amount of information is staggering. You get to see the likes of recent form, head to heads, highest win, total goals, average goals per match, last matches for each team, next matches (including any future betting odds), player statistics, such as goals, assists and cars, over/under percentage for total goals, 1st/2nd half betting info and plenty more. It’s a huge resource for the site and whilst it’s not necessarily 10Bet that have come up with it, they have given this “lesser” company the green light to work with them, which has to be commended.

Fast Markets

10Bet’s launch of Fast Markets back in 2014 was one that went down really well within the industry. These bets are made up of the likes of corners, cars, goals, assists and free kicks, and they offer a 5-minute window for each market. So, you might choose the over/under on the number of free kicks that are taken within a 5-minute period of the game. This means that you are able to bet and then have your bets settled before the end of the game. If you’re a punter that likes to track games live and quickly pick up on potential betting patterns, this could be one to look out for.

Live Streaming

For the final part of this section, we wanted to quickly touch upon the live streaming section. They include quite a few games that are streamed live as part of their live betting section. To access these games, you first need to see which games you can bet on, notified by the TV icon. Then you need to make sure your account has a positive balance of £1 or more, then you’re good to go!

In-Play Betting

10Bet Football In Play Screenshot

The in-play betting section is definitely one of the better-looking ones that we’ve reviewed for some time. The overall design of the site is great, of which we will talk about alter, but we were pleased when we saw that standards certainly didn’t slip as you hit one of the fastest moving sections on site.

The navigation section at the top of the page allows you to quickly jump to the sport that you are looking to bet on. Whilst this may seem simple a lot of sites simply include all markets in one page, which can mean that it’s pretty difficult to navigate between. The “home page” of this section gives you a quick over view of the games that are taking place, along with the time of each match, live scores, live odds and any features that it might include, such as Fast Markets.

You’ve also got a favourite button, as well, that moves these selected markets to the top of the screen, allowing you to quickly see just the games that you are looking to bet on. The stats section isn’t attached to the games though, which is a little disappointing and an area we would like to see integrated.

Once into the match, you get a much more detailed look at the markets that are on offer. It’s a fairly typical three-column layout, with the games down the eft, the markets for that match through the middle and the Match Tracker and betslip in the third column. The graphics on the whole are really good and it allows you to easily track games where needed, before making more informed decisions on potential bets, even though you aren’t physically watching the game live.


10Bet offer a decent range of Antepost bets - many of which run throughout the course of a season. A typical example would be that of the Premier League, where you can bet on the league winner, teams to be relegated and top 4 finish for the season.

To find them, you simply need to look through the overview of the league that you are betting on. They are pretty easy to find to be honest, but we will say that you won’t get these markets for each of the leagues. The major leagues across Europe and the lower leagues in England are going to be your best bet.

Horse Racing

10Bet Horse Racing Screenshot

As we move away from football and start to explore the horse racing section, the first thing that jumped out at us was the number of races within the UK and Ireland that are on offer. They cover pretty much all of the meetings from courses throughout the countries, which can mean around 6 meetings per day, with all races from each meeting on offer. The coverage is good, but it’s not standout as this is pretty much the norm for most of the bigger bookies these days.

Racing Pricing Structure

The pricing structure is really solid as well and we would be confident in saying that 10Bet are one of the better bookies to choose from when betting on horse. We picked a couple of races from an upcoming meeting at Lingfield and as you can see, for both they had numerous horses that were best priced or equal to best price.

Lingfield Race: Example 1

 10bet OddsAverage Odds
Mr Bossy Boots 2.2 2.24
Bond Street Beau 4.33 4.37
Cricklewood Green 7 6.83
Scottish Glen 8 7.83
Patty Patch 8 8
Lady Gwhinnyvere 41 43.89
Chip or Pellet 51 53.44

Lingfield Race: Example 2

 10bet OddsAverage Odds
Mooroverthebridge 2.75 2.74
The Lacemaker 4.5 4.47
Roys Dream 8 7.75
Whitecrest 7.5 7.4
Dear Bruin 9 9.05
Good Business 13 12.9
Mercers 12 12

This theme carried on for a number of other races that we were able to test as well, and we would be confident in saying that they are going to offer you pretty good value for whichever race you bet on. One thing that we did note was that their pricing was a little short when betting on the favourites. They were much better value for mid to long range horses and we think this is where they are going to be best utilised.

UK & Irish Racing

There is very little to complain about when utilising the UK and Irish betting markets to be honest. Coverage is excellent as we have stated, and their pricing structure is strong for the most part.

Depending on the meeting, pricing can be online more than 24 hours prior to the start of the race. For example, there are several meetings that are taking place 24 hours from when we are writing this review and from the 7 meetings that they are running books on, only that of Goodwood, the most popular meeting of the day, has prices for all their races. Other meetings include the likes of Batch, Leopardstown, Haydock, Worcester, Down Royal and Pontefract, none of which are offering prices with 24 hours to go.

Odds usually come online first thing in the morning, around 7am, which is pretty early considering some are as late as 10am. This means that the markets move from Antepost to “live”, so betting rules will change as a result. The market for racing is really good. You get to choose from that of the forecast, betting without favourite, place only 2 and the match betting section. The latter is one that we’ve not seen all that often and it’s where you simply bet on which one of two horses finish the race before the other. They don’t need to win the race, just win the match between the two. If you’re betting on jumps racing, we find there is some great value to be found in this section.

The downside to the horse racing section has to be the betting card and distinct lack of features. The card itself is alright, offering up the name, colour, jockey, age, weight, previous odds and current odds, but that’s where it ends. There is no section, nowhere to do any further research on horses and no betting tools to allow you to make more informed decisions. Granted, there are plenty of free sites out there that you can get this info, but a lot of the bigger bookies include this within their racecard, so to not see any here is a little disappointing.

International Racing

10Bet Racing General

Intentional racing at 10Bet is very poor. We could see from one of the comparison sites that there were over a dozen race staking place outside of the UK and Ireland, which included countries, such as South Africa, France, Sweden and the US. 10Bet weren’t offering markets on any of these races. We could easily see that there were well over 15 other bookies that were providing markets on at least some of these races, so this was another disappointing factor.

They did include some international races, though, such as the Belmont Stakes, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe and the Breeders Cup, all taking place within the next six months or so. These are going to be huge races in the horse racing world and we would expect to see all bookies offering odds on these races. To see that these are the only ones on offer at 10Bet shows that international racing is almost non-existent.


The Antepost betting section within the UK and Ireland race is really good. They were including the likes of The Oaks, The Derby, Ascot Gold Cup and St Leger, which you would expect to see from pretty much all bookies. But, the fact that that slightly lower profile race such as the Coronation Cup, Mansionbet Sprint Stakes, Hardwicke stakes and the Coral Eclipse were all there does highlight how strong this section in.

It’s a no-frills sort of section as well, which is what you would expect from the Antepost markets. You get to see a run-down of the horses in the race and the price, then that’s pretty much it. It would have been quite nice to see previous odds to see if they had adjusted at all for each horse, at it highlights in the race card, but then this isn’t a particularly common feature anyway.


10Bet Basketball Screenshot

Whilst conducting our reviews, football and horse racing are always the two sports that we want to look at most, as this is where the vast majority of you are looking to bet. But, we also like to look at the whole bookmaker and see other sports that they may excel at. Basketball was one of the sports that caught our eye with 10Bet.

We do want to fire in a quick disclaimer in that this test was taken amidst the NBA Playoffs, which is one of the most exciting times for the sport and punters, but still feel what we’ve found holds true throughout the year given the other games that were on display.

Number of Markets

The first thing that really stood out was the number of markets on offer. The major games were all getting well over 30 markets to choose from, including moneyline, the spread, over/under points, half and quarter bets, winning margin and a series of player related bets as well.

Pricing Structure

We found that their pricing structure was really solid as well, which pretty much backs up how they operate for both football and horse racing. The shorter priced bets aren’t too far away, but the longer priced bets are going to offer way more value than most.

Stats Section

The section links up with their brilliant stats section once more and we honestly think it works as well as any bookie that we’ve tested. The level of detail that is included not only allows you to see the information but allows you to form potential bets that maybe weren’t all that obvious before starting your research.


Whilst many are drawn into the NBA as it’s the biggest league in the world, the overage outside of it is really strong. European leagues from Germany, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Estonia all offer a huge range of games from numerous leagues and cups. Outside of Europe, you have a similar level of depth from the likes of Argentina, Australia and Brazil, all of which essentially offer around the clock betting due to their time difference when within the UK.


We’ve briefly touched on the fact that 10Bet have one of the best-looking sites in the industry already within this article, but we just wanted to mention it one more time. It’s amazing! The grey, green and white colour scheme works so well and whilst we aren’t normally a fan of the darker backgrounds and light text, it really stands out on page.

Navigating between pages throughout the bookmaker is pretty good, although there are times that you click on a certain market or section with one of the tabs, before then clicking something else and going to the betting market, for example. Going back from here will mean that you move to the original tab and not the tab that you clicked from, which can be quite annoying and often means you need to start your search again to get back to where you were.

Mobile App

The mobile site is basically a mini version of the main site, which may seem obvious, but many bookies actually totally redesign this section to be more functional. The app works great and you can either download it to your home screen or simply visit through your browser, essentially getting the same betting experience.

Finally, the search function is another great addition to the site and allows you to quickly jump to either the team or match that you want to bet on. We liked that it had the drop-down menu before clicking search, which meant one less page to load up and travel to.

Other Products



The casino comes complete with over 500 games from which to choose. The company have enlisted the use of several casino software providers, including the likes of PlayTech, Microgaming and NetEnt, to name just a couple of about a dozen or so.

It definitely follows the theme of having a great look about it and being able to jump between games and also play them for free, is something that we think all casinos should include. Some of the standout games for us include the likes of classics, such as Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. But, it also was keen to keep adding newer titles as well, such as Cops ‘N Robbers, Claws v Paws and Samurai Ken, to keep it feeling fresh.



As you would expect from one of the bigger bookies in the industry, there are a number of deposit options to choose from. These include Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and a number of pre-paid cards and other e-wallet methods. Deposits start from just £10, with the max you can deposit being from £1,000 to £50,000, depending on your chosen banking method.

Withdrawals are free to make and start from between £5 and £25 depending on your chosen banking method. Processing times are pretty good, as well, with cards taking 1-3 days, e-wallets taking 1-2 days and bank transfers taking from 5-7 days. There are no fees to pay on any withdrawal method.