Betfred Review

Betfred are one of the oldest bookmakers in the industry. They have been about since the 60s and are one of few that still occupy a reasonably healthy position both on the high street and online, making them one of most recognisable brands.

The site has been able to attract thousands of visitors through their virtual doors every day and with it have a commanding position within the industry. What’s been impressive to see from Betfred has been their ability to not only adapt to online betting, but also their ability to thrive in a modernised online world.

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Betfred Football Screenshot

Like so many betting sites, football plays a huge role in how Betfred has been formulated. The site offers a plethora of markets and matches, with it creating plenty of new betting opportunities that have now been copied in some form by the majority of bookies, such has been the success of these ventures.

We’ve spent a good while testing Betfred’s betting structure against the market and have found mixed results if we are being totally honest. We’ve found numerous examples of the bookmaker struggling with some matches and then being great with other markets.

Betfred Odds Compared to Other Markets

One of things that we have touched upon with other bookies has been the fact that being an erratic bookmaker isn’t always a bad thing when it comes to pricing. The example below from an upcoming Champions League final highlights how good they can be, being best price with a win market and not too far away with either the draw or the other team to win.

 Betfred OddsAverage Odds
Real Madrid 2.25 2.2
Liverpool 3.1 3.07
Draw 3.75 3.77

The main problem that we found is consistency with their odds structure. It’s not terrible by any means, but when you compare it with the best, they do tend to fall behind from what we would call an “all-round” bookmaker when it comes to pricing. The example below with an upcoming game between Rotherham and Shrewsbury is a classic example of this.

As you can see, the odds on offer aren’t bad by any means, being just behind the best prices in the industry, but the fact that this is pretty common for the vast majority of markets we tested, does highlight that it’s something could be improved.

 Betfred OddsAverage Odds
Rotherham 2.38 2.31
Draw 3.25 3.23
Shrewsbury 3.25 3.18

We feel that whilst Betfred would be a good addition to a betting portfolio, we do feel that if you were to simply use the bookmaker on their own, with no backups, you would be losing out on a fair amount of value as a result.

Match Betting

Whilst pricing could be improved, there are few better when it comes to a different range of betting markets to choose from. Betfred have been pioneers when it comes to creating new markets, introducing lines such as Goals Galore and Double Delight / Hattrick Heaven. These are essentially list-type bets, which allow punters to choose from a wide range of games to form bets within the Both Teams to Score market and the first goalscorer market, respectively.

The games all have a good base behind them in terms of the number of markets on offer. They have a number of markets that are almost classed as promotions, such as the two mentioned above, offering up better odds and more importantly, better value than the majority of bookies in the industry.

Whilst the range isn’t huge for a lot of games, they are diverse, which we have come to the conclusion is more important. You see, you can head to any bookmaker and tackle through hundreds of betting markets, but the bottom line is that the majority will be offering pretty much the same as each other.

Market Variation

Betfred is a little different in that they think outside the box. A good example would be markets, such as how a game would be won (normal time, extra time, penalties), a huge range of handicap markets, specific goal markets score and assist markets, and a whole host of variations of these.

One of their latest features is that of #PickYourPunt. This is where you send a Tweet to Betfred to formulate your own bet. They then send these selections to their traders who in turn create a price for you. The range of games can be quite limited though, such is the response, but you can see all bets within the markets for that match. It’s actually quite entertaining to look through these bet types to see what people come up with.

Some of the longer priced bets include the likes of naming players to score, naming player to get red carded, a missed penalty and then a team to win on penalties. This was priced at 500/1. If you were looking at true value for these bets, they are actually pretty poor value, but can still be lucrative if you are able to carve out the right events for the match still.

In-Play Betting

Betfred In-Play Screenshot

The in-play betting section on site has actually reasonably recently been revamped, and it was much needed. You’re able to single out football as your sport to bet on, which takes away a lot of the clutter on the page. You then work through the league you want and then the match you want to bet on.

The page gives you a quick overview of the games currently taking place and then the betting odds for those matches. Unfortunately, you can’t choose anything other than the match result market, with many offering a selection here.

Once into the game you get to see a number of different markets to bet on and also a range of events and statistics for that match. It’s pretty basic compared to most, but the basics are better than none and the design of this section is actually quite nice.


The coupon section is an area that we have added to our reviews as the influx in these bet types has rocketed in the last few years. Rather fittingly, Betfred have been one of the driving forces behind this bet type, mainly thanks to their Goal Galore market.

The concept is pretty simple in that the bookmaker lists a number of matches for you to choose from and you simply choose from those games whether you think both teams will score or not. The result of the match is irrelevant for this and all you need are goals.

The odds are fixed and as you add more selections these odds will increase. For example, 3 selections get you a price of 3/1, 4 selections 11/2, 5 selections get 10/1 and so on as you move right through to a maximum of 15 selections, paying a massive 1350/1. It’s also worth noting that there is a Bonus list to choose from, as well. These has fewer games to choose from, but offers larger odds than the regular list, working its way right up to 5000/1 for 15 selections.

Beat the Clock is the latest of this type of bet from Betfred. For this, you again get a list of games to choose from with fixed odds depending on the number of picks that you make. All you need here is to choose games that have a goal within the first 30 minutes of that match. It doesn’t matter which team scores, just as long as there is a goal.

Horse Racing

Betfred Horse Racing Screenshot

The racing section at Betfred plays second fiddle only to that of football. The sport is massively important to the bookmaker and was in fact the sport that triggered the start of the brand over 50 years ago now.

Just like football, we are starting our research within the pricing section, as we feel this is the most important. Betfred are really competitive when it comes to pricing and we feel they are much stronger with horse racing than they are for football on the whole.

Pricing Structure Compared

We’ve been able to test numerous markets and found a pretty consistent pattern amongst their odds. What you will see is that they like to get a good foothold with the favourites in a race. This is the absolute jackpot for punters as it’s where the majority of the money goes. Mid-range favourites, priced around 3/1 through to 6/1 tend to be a real sweet spot and we’ve seen them as much as 20% better than some of their closest rivals for these types of prices.

As you move down the list, they do tend to fall away a little. They are never bad though – far from it – but we see much fewer best prices for these types of horses than that of the favourites. We think this occurs on too many occasions to be more than just a coincidence, so it’s worth pointing out.

Another point we wanted to briefly mention is that cash out betting is available on the majority of their horse races, as well. A lot of bookmakers fail to offer this on the smaller meetings, but Betfred seem to offer it on all meetings, which is great.

UK & Irish Racing

You’re usually going to be able to get prices the night before for the next day’s racing at Betfred. This is pretty good, as many bookies won’t open these markets until the morning of the race and keep them technically as Antepost for that reason.

Why this is good for the punter is that it means they are often able to take advantage of odds earlier in what would essentially still be Antepost markets. No one really knows the going for the following days racing, although can predict and the majority of line-ups still aren’t nailed on confirmed, especially for smaller meetings. Taking advantage of these early prices can create some huge value as a result and something that we would urge our readers to both consider and take advantage of.

The market coverage is pretty average if we are being honest with you. We’ve just come out of a review of Betfair where there were as many as 8 different markets to choose from each and every race. With Betfred though, you get the Win and Each Way, along with the Forecast and Tricast. That’s really all that's to it, unfortunately.

The racecard is one of the worst we have seen unfortunately for Betfred. It shows you the name of the horse, silks, number and then the price. That’s it! No form, no tips from someone like Timeform or the Racing Post and basically no addition info that could be used to form better bets. It’s genuinely one that will put a lot of punters off and given how in depth the competition is these days, means they are getting well and truly left behind with this segment.

A small saving grace for them is that they do include the Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) promotion on site for all UK and Irish races. Basically, this offer means that if you back a horse at a certain price and it goes on to win, if the Starting Price is higher than the odds you took, Betfred will pay out at the higher odds.

International Racing

Horse Racing

The international coverage on site is very good. They take bets for races from all over the world, including Australia, USA, France and South Africa. A lot of the meetings are covered in great depth as well, which is an added bonus and something that punters who are looking to bet on these types of races will enjoy.


The Antepost section is another very good part of the horse racing section at Betfred. There are a huge number of races to choose from and not just ones that are made up within the UK and Ireland.

The markets include a good number of horses to choose from as well, which is often something that lets a lot of these types of markets down for bookmakers. Pricing is pretty erratic, but again, that’s not something that is uncommon given that the most bookies are guessing as to how they might perform and can’t even confirm line-ups as a result.


For all the good that Betfred offer when it comes to innovative markets and a solid pricing structure, so much of their good work is undone due to the lack of usability on the site. The first thing that will grab you is the dated design. They have made a few tweaks to it over the years, but they still use check boxes to confirm your selection to add to betslip and it’s all very 2005.

The next thing that is frustrating is the menu system. They use drop down menus, which means that the site doesn’t have any HUB pages for any of the sports really. It’s a mess as sometimes you just want to click on a sport and see what’s happening. You’re not necessarily homing in on a specific market, which is pretty much all the drop-down menus allow you to do.

Another point is that often when there are a lot of markets, the page seems to move and jump about quite a lot. The Champions League final game between Liverpool and Real Madrid has a huge number of markets to choose from, but the page is constantly jumping, which is frustrating and makes it almost unusable.

Mobile App

The saving grace for the site is the mobile app. It’s so much more intuitive to use and gets away without the need for any drop-down menus. It really is crazy just how much better the mobile site is compared to the online site. If it wasn’t for this, it would be tough to recommend them as a decent bookmaker.

The most frustrating thing about all this is that you’d probably forgive a bookmaker that had only been in the industry for a few years and were still trying to find their feet. But, Betfred have been about for over 50 years and they have been online for well over a decade with turnover reaching into the billions, not millions!

Other Products



The casino is a nice addition to the sportsbook and is one of the better ones that you get tagged alongside a bookmaker. It’s powered mainly by PlayTech, although it does use the likes of Boss Media, Ash Gaming and IGT to help bulk out the number of games that are on offer.

We liked that it still had a download feature, as well as instant play, and, of course, their casino app. It’s live casino section is one that is continuingly growing and has a really good range of games to choose from with multiple different dealers included as well.



The poker room is powered by the iPoker network, which is still one of the bigger networks to choose from. It’s got fast and reliable software and during peak times, the games can get very juicy. The cash games are the main lure to the poker room, but there are plenty of Multi Table Tournament’s on offer as well. Mixed games can be found within the lobby, including the likes of Five Card Stud, Seven Card Stud, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo.



There are a number of banking options on offer at Betfred, including the likes of Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. It’s worth noting that you can also fund your online account via any of the Betfred shops as well, meaning you can move money about quicker than if you were solely dealing online.