Everyone likes a good offer - whether it's happy hour in the pub or a buy one get one free special in the supermarket. And online betting, especially on horse racing, is no different with most bookies running special promotions to tempt you in.

In the grand scheme of things, there are two types of promotion - ones offered to get you to sign up and ones offered to keep you happy and coming back for more.

The first lot of promotions are known as 'welcome bonuses' or 'sign up bonuses' and, as the name suggests, you can only claim them when signing up to the betting site for the first time. We cover these in more detail on our free bets page.

The second set of offers are the one's that are the focus of this page - these are offers that are open to everyone, regardless of whether you've just signed up, or you've been betting with a site for donkeys years. The technical term for these promos is 'retention offers', but they're more commonly referred to as 'money back specials'.

Below you'll find a list of ongoing horse racing offers - ie: those that are available all the time. Making yourself aware of what's available and placing your bets accordingly can make a big difference to your winnings (or reduce your losses). Many bookmakers also run special 'one off' promotions around specific horse races, with the big festivals attracting the most attention.

As with most offers, there tend to be conditions attached to these promotions - such as minimum odds, maximum refunds or special requirements (eg: must be placed on a bookies mobile site). So make sure you read the terms and conditions (and understand them) before diving in head first!