Folkestone (Temporarily Closed) Racecourse

Folkestone Racecourse, Stone Street, Westenhanger, Nr Hythe, CT21 4HX - Map & Directions
08702 200023
Folkestone Racecourse Welcome Sign
Folkestone Racecourse (Adam Hincks /

Folkestone racecourse closed in 2012 with the last meeting held on 18th December of the same year. The closure of the racecourse is attributed to the expiration of the lease and the inability to negotiate favourable renewal terms with the council (source).

The company responsible for running the racecourse, Arena Racing, have stated that the closure is temporary and they hope to bring racing back to Folkestone at some point in the future. However, there are currently no formal plans or timeline for a re-opening.

The Course at Folkestone
The Course at Folkestone (Nick Smith /


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